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Conversational Intelligence

Analyze conversations in your company and sell more, understand users, increase UX

Cognitive Automation

Lower your customer care cost by automating repetitive processes

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is here! 🎉

VoiceLab.AI, leader in Conversational AI now brings TRURL, an instruction-following large language model (LLM) which has been fine-tuned for number of business domains such as e-commerce and customer support.

TRURL brings additional support for specialized analytical tasks:

  • Dialog structure aggregation

  • Customer support quality control

  • Sales intelligence and assistance

TRURL can also be implemented effectively on-premise:

  • We will build a GPT model for you

  • Trained securely on your infrastructure

  • Trained on your dataset

Discover Trurl Alpha version!

Vencode harnesses TRURL to build a company chat system, seamlessly integrating information from provided documents and the website for enhanced communication within the organization.

Discover solution Beta version!

Trurl is here 🎉

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Have you ever wondered why your clients contact you?

Train_reason for contact detector

Have you ever wondered why your clients contact you?

Have you ever wondered why your clients contact you? Do you have dialogs with your clients and wanted to easily detect the reason for contact and train your own model to detect it in your new data, based on previous interactions? You can easily use our reason for contact detection to annotate your data and train a model of your own.

Let’s find out how…

The rest of the article is available on the link below:

(NOTICE) In order to be able to use the notebook and send requests to our services, you have to upload a 'credentials.ini’ file to the runtime workspace (the main directory, next to sample_data folder). You can obtain one by getting in touch over at

Use advanced AI-fueled technologies to improve your business

Author: Patryk Neubauer