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reality with Revenue Intelligence

Our data-driven revenue intelligence platform will help you raise your sales conversion rates, generate income and lower your customer service costs.

Increase Sales
Conversational Intelligence
We gather all the data from the interactions between your agents and customers. We provide you with a reliable, data-driven and fully automated report of your prospective customers’s behaviors and solutions for the future.
Full transcript
Automatic control and
scoring processes
Search and filter with
intuitive syntax
Trend analysis and
Detect fraud attemps with
passive voice biometrics
Import interactions
from all channels
Optimize Cost
Cognitive Automation
coming soon
We help you automate and optimize your call centre operations. We design and build AI voice bots that will make customer interactions easier… and cost-effective!
Reduction of customer
waiting time
Reduction in average
cost of service
Increase the number
of supported calls
24/7 access to
customer service
Stabilization of service
Increasing agents

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Gain Better Control Over Clients Conversations
AI-powered technologies to secure sales and customer service.
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Delivering best products

Powered by
our own technologies

Our solutions are self-contained and cost-effective!

ASR Automatic Speech
Our AI-powered Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology transcribes and analyzes conversation recordings and provides a set of tools enabling its management and analysis with additional functionalities, like voice biometry and intent recognition.

NLP Natural Language
Natural language processing helps computers communicate with humans in their own language and scales other language-related tasks. With our solution, it is possible for computers to read text, hear speech, interpret it and determine which parts are important.

Let our Clients do
the talking!


Discover and understand what consumers really desire

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All incoming conversations
are fully transcribed with pre-defined automatic categorization.
Faster agent
Get examples of best practices that are at your fingertips.
Higher efficiency and
easier monitoring
Figure out why your sales
team is winning or losing deals.
Higher probability of
sales wins
Find out which pitch works and increase deal closings.
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