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Conversational Intelligence

Analyze conversations in your company and sell more, understand users, increase UX

Cognitive Automation

Lower your customer care cost by automating repetitive processes


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Media Monitoring

is here! 🎉

VoiceLab.AI, leader in Conversational AI now brings TRURL, an instruction-following large language model (LLM) which has been fine-tuned for number of business domains such as e-commerce and customer support.

TRURL brings additional support for specialized analytical tasks:

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    Dialog structure aggregation

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    Customer support quality control

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    Sales intelligence and assistance

TRURL can also be implemented effectively on-premise:

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    We will build a GPT model for you

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    Trained securely on your infrastructure

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    Trained on your dataset

Discover Trurl Alpha version!
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Vencode harnesses TRURL to build a company chat system, seamlessly integrating information from provided documents and the website for enhanced communication within the organization.

Discover solution Beta version!

Trurl is here 🎉

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Get insight into your customer reality with Conversational AI Platform

Our data-driven conversational AI platform will help you raise your sales conversion rates, generate income and lower your customer service costs.

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What makes us stand out from the competition?


Full Transcript Real-time with dedicated dictionaries


Real-time tips and coaching


Deal and forecast intelligence


Playbook library 


Easy snippets creation, sharing and commenting


Free trial and monthly payments

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chart Increase Sales

Conversational Intelligence

The aim of the platform is to provide a measurable impact on sales and customer care conversations through real-time automatic tips for ongoing dialogues in every conversation, at every moment. Additionally, the platform can be used after the call for multidimensional analysis of conversations collected from all channels; it automatically monitors calls, chatbots, and emails. The best practices can be copied and used for coaching and training, while the bad ones can be efficiently spotted and eliminated, the onboarding of sales and customer care reps can be faster and smoother. We provide you with a reliable, data-driven, and fully automated report of your reps and customers’ behaviors to monitor and improve performance.

Full transcript real-time with automatic tips for ongoing conversations

Trend analysis and monitoring for better sales rate & cost optimization

Automatic control and scoring processes with statistic for every agent

Detect fraud attemps with passive voice biometrics

Search and filter with intuitive syntax for future categorisation

Import interactions from all channels: emails, chatbots, voice

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counter Optimize Cost

Cognitive Automation
coming soon

We help you automate and optimize your call centre operations. We design and build AI voice bots that will make customer interactions easier… and cost-effective! Engage your customers through the voicebot to collect and provide information automatically and go beyond rudimentary customer service tasks – navigate customer through more complex issues like transactions or sales.

Reduction of customer waiting time for better customer experience

24/7 access to customer service

Reduction in average cost of service for optimimization

Stabilization of service cost

Increase the number of supported calls to ensure your retention

Increasing agents productivity

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Gain Better Control Over Clients Conversations

Ai-powered technologies to secure sales and customer service. The perfect tool platform to work for: Managers, data analysts, sales managers, chief financial officers, retail managers, service quality managers, call-center managers.
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Powered by
our own technologies

Our solutions are self-contained and cost-effective!

ASR Automatic Speech Recognition
and TTS (Text To Speech)
Our own AI-powered Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology transcribes and analyzes conversation recordings and provides a set of tools enabling its management and analysis. In addition we provide an active and passive voice biometrics engine to recognize your customers and prevent frauds. Our TTS technology provides life-like quality to synthetic voice: voicebots need both the ASR and TTS technology. Since we control the ASR and TTS technology, if needed, we can finetune it to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

NLP Natural Language
Natural Language Processing allows the management of speech and written communication with humans using machine learning. Our platform allows for real-time analysis of speech and text to identify topics, named entities, intents, complex sentiment analysis and actions that need to be taken. With our solution, it is possible to process speech, interpret it and determine which parts are important and what actions need to be taken by the agent or bot.

Let our Clients do
the talking!


Discover and understand what consumers really desire


All incoming conversations are fully transcribed with pre-defined automatic categorization, which allows to draw conclusions from all data


Faster agent
Get examples of best practices that are at your fingertips and use it in real-time as tips for agents.


Higher efficiency and
easier monitoring
Figure out why your sales
team is winning or losing deals.


Higher probability of
sales wins
Find out which pitch works and increase deal closings.
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radio conversational AI platform

Use advanced AI-fueled technologies to improve your business